Intelligent Structured Cabling Solutions

Our Diverse Offerings Include:

  • Routing & Switching
  • In addition to our cabling solution, our expert teams of network consultants provide the active equipment from the core of the network to the access layer of the network, for routing and switching off network traffic. This includes the wireless network devices required for wireless connectivity.
  • Data Centers
  • To house and support the critical equipment of organizations, we have a pool of uptime accredited data centre designers, always available to audit, consult, design, build and support your data centre or server room infrastructure to meet your specific business requirements.
  • Clean Power Solution
  • Critical equipment need to be protected from spikes and surges. Our Team of power consultants are trained to professionally design and install cost effective clean power required to support your critical equipment and ensure minimal downtime as well as full protection from power fluctuation
  • Surveillance & Access Control systems
  • In order to ensure only authorized personnel have access to designated areas, we provide access control systems to restrict access as required by different clients. We also provide analog and digital surveillance systems to monitor activities. These systems can be integrated to work together to ensure a high level of physical security.
  • Intelligent Building System
  • We provide intelligent building systems to optimize the energy consumption in a building from the design phase, such that the total cost of owning a building is significantly minimized.